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Development Conferences

React Conf

A conference for knowledge sharing and community with people who build and LOVE React.
Development, JavaScript, React

PHP Developer Days

Development, PHP

JSCamp Chicago

JSCamp is a one day single track conference for developers interested in JavaScript. Speakers are covering topics such as Node, React, Vue, Ember for both beginners and experts. Come check out Chicago and meet the developers you hear about online!
Development, JavaScript

JSConf Hawaiʻi

Our mission: Provide a fun, unique and welcoming environment where diversity thrives and attendees can come together to discuss JavaScript as a technology and grow it as a community.
Development, JavaScript


The labour-of-love conference for the JS community in Europe.
Development, JavaScript

JSConf Colombia

Bringing the JavaScript community under one roof in Colombia.
Development, JavaScript


Fronteers Conference is one of Europe’s premiere conferences on front-end web development, organised in Amsterdam yearly since 2008.
Development, Front-end

API Mixtape

Like with mixtapes from the '90s, we mash up and combine APIs to create something entirely new.
Development, API


A developer-focused conference on building faster, more secure websites and applications with modern web technologies.
Development, API, JAMstack, Serverless

GitHub Universe

GitHub Universe is a conference for the builders, planners, and leaders defining the future of software

All Things Open

A conference exploring Open Source, Open Tech and Open Web in the Enterprise.
Development, Open Source


The conference for payment engineers.

DevOps World

The event for everything Jenkins and DevOps
Development, DevOps

Day of the Devs

An annual day celebrating the San Francisco indie game scene.
Development, Design, Video game, Independent


HashiCorp presents its annual user and technology conference. Each year we bring together our community to share knowledge on DevOps, microservices, multi-cloud, and building next-generation infrastructure.
Development, DevOps


The world's largest CSS conference.
Development, Front-end, CSS


The largest JavaScript conference in Europe.
Development, JavaScript

Accessibility Club

The Accessibility Club wants to give you the chance to get some real-world experience with assistive technology, deepen your knowledge about web accessibilty and get you in touch with like-minded webworkers. The goal is to enable you to make accessibility a natural part of your daily work and mindset.
Development, Accessibility

Android Dev Summit

Development, Android

Samsung Developer Conference

Where Now Meets Next


ffconf: friends forever conference for makers of the web. UK based web developer conference with a healthy dose of JavaScript.
Development, JavaScript, Front-end

AWS re:Invent

Development, DevOps

Faith Leads Tech

Faith Leads Tech is a one day, single track conference bringing together followers of Jesus Christ who seek to utilize technology and innovation to provide biblical solutions for life.
Development, Design
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